Victoria Day Weekend Ideas


With the long weekend approaching, you’ve quite possibly got your calendar full of activities to explore locally with the kids. Or maybe you’ve got some time planned out for a nice brunch with the family, followed by some low-key outdoor fun.
Or maybe you’re in a total panic because you’ve got three days with the kids and you haven’t got any plans whatsoever.

Here are some fun ideas I like to do—most come from memories of my own childhood.

  1. Pull out the old clothing. Okay, so why is this fun? Because if you pick up some dye at your local craft store or Shoppers’ Drug Mart, you can easily have fun tie-dying those faded T-shirts and giving them some new life.
  2. Start planting. This is one of my fave activities that yields fun results. The best part about gardening (aside from getting all mucked up), is choosing what you’re going to grow. If the kids have a hand in this, there’s a chance they’ll keep helping out as you go along. Get started by planting fresh herbs in small pots.
  3. Create your own show. Whether it’s with puppets, or just a fun talent show, getting theatrical is always a great way to bond with the kids.
  4. Trade-off activities. This can be a fun way to get to know your kids and vice versa. Everyone has to pick a favourite activity of theirs (that fits within a reasonable time frame and has minimal to zero expense). Then, you take turns doing each activity. From making muffins, to having a video game challenge… the fun part is trying to choose an activity that the others may not have ever done. If you’re having trouble deciding, write a whole bunch of ideas down on a piece of paper and cut them into small squares to fold. Throw them in a hat and pick them out one at a time!
  5. Visit a new neighbourhood. It’s easy to get caught up in our usual routines. Sometimes it’s worth taking time out to explore a new neighbourhood, or even a nearby small town you’ve been wanting to visit. Consider it a family ‘adventure’ into new territory.

When all is said and done, there’s always firework displays to enjoy! How do you like to spend your long weekends?


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