Choose Wisely


The hectic holidays are behind you and all you want to do now is relax and enjoy time with your family. That is, as long as everyone is healthy.
Unfortunately this is the time of year when little people are run down (as are big people), making everyone more susceptible to colds and flu.

Your best defense is to always be prepared. Here are a few tips to incorporate at home:

  • Stock up on supplies before you need them. A thermometer, tissues, disinfecting soap and germ-killing hand sanitizer are basic essentials. Your arsenal should include weight-based medications (designed specifically for children), that provide relief for pain and fever, sneezing, runny nose, and itchy throat. Have weight-based medication for chest and nasal congestion, cough, stuffy nose, and watery eyes.
  • You’ll want to keep your guard up, too. Disinfect counters, sinks, telephones, toys, doorknobs, toilet handles, and utensils more than once a day. Don’t share the computer keyboard, TV remote, or towels with the sick person. Remind everyone in the house to wash their hands frequently.
  • Remember to take care of yourself as well. Keep your immune system strong by eating healthy, exercising, and getting eight hours of sleep.

Children's AccuDial packagingDespite your best efforts, if you still find yourself in the pharmacy standing in front of an aisle of children’s medications, look for the new game changing Children’s AccuDial®. It’s a revolutionary, new line of over-the-counter medication designed to give your child an accurate dose of medicine based on weight. With the patented AccuDial rotating dosing system, you simply twist the label to find your child’s weight in pounds or kilograms, and the specific dose recommendation—given in milliliters—will appear in the window beneath it. Then all you need to do is administer the medicine with the included AccuDial calibrated dosing spoon.

Since children the same age don’t weigh the same, dosing by age can lead to overdosing, which is serious. The flip side is underdosing, which means your child may suffer needlessly with nasty symptoms and probably not recuperate as quickly.

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