Conair® Brushless Motor 1875-Watt Hair Dryer


Ok, tell us honestly: how old is your hairdryer? If your first thought is ‘€˜ancient’€™, then it’€™s time for an upgrade to something that is not only time-saving in the mornings, but gentler on your tresses. Newer hairdryer models blast out moisture with air, not heat’€”so they’€™re less damaging and won’€™t fry your locks. Our current fave is the Conair® Brushless Motor 1875-Watt Hair Dryer, which is more like a super-quiet, surprisingly powerful and lightweight, frizz-reducing miracle machine. We dried our ‘€˜dos in record time and our tresses looked shiny and soft all day long. You could say we were blown away. (139.99, available at


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