Corn on the Cob Coins


At the end of June, my kids hosted an end-of-school-year party for their friends. When they were eating dinner, I was shocked to see one of the 13-year-olds picking the corn kernels off his cob and eating them by hand. He explained that he’s still losing teeth and it’s easier for him to consume it this way.

Seeing him do this reminded me of when my own boys were dentally challenged, with mouths full of missing and loose teeth. Eating corn-on-the-cob was such a challenge during those years that we came up with ‘corn coins’ instead. Bite-sized pieces of cob that don’t require the use of the front teeth in order to eat.

To make them, I cut the cobs into one-inch thick slices, which made them look like toonies. I boiled them in a pot of hot water, or tucked them in an aluminum foil packet, along with with a pat of butter and some salt and pepper, and cooked them on the grill.

I thought you might like this idea if your kids are in that awkward loose-tooth phase. With such a short season ahead of us, it’s nice to have a corn-on-the-cob option that the whole family, including the toothless ones, can enjoy.

Find the full printable recipe here: Corn Coins


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