7 Fun Family Food Joints in Toronto

20 Fun Family Food Joints in Toronto

Finger food, kid food or casual fare–€”whatever we call it, these Fun Family Food Joints are sure to delight on hot summer days when there are adventures to be had and delicacies to try in Toronto.

Fish Street Market and Open Kitchen
Call us crazy for crustaceans, but we can’€™t get enough of creamy lobster salad on top of a doughy white roll. And the new outpost Fish Street Market and Open Kitchen has got us covered. While there, why not dive into the incredibly fresh fish and chips?

Marshmallow Factory
Nobody likes marshmallows more than our kids, so the Marshmallow Factory is definitely a popular bet. The delicious Marshmallow Cream is fat free, gluten free, dairy free, gelatin free, peanut free and vegetarian friendly. And the selection of chocolate or cookie cups plus toppings galore make this one fun decision matrix.

The Little Dog Steamies & Fries
We like our wieners steamed, not grilled, thank you. Aside from skipping the carcinogenic potential as well as the burnt bits disdained by kids, steaming actually locks in the flavour better and makes for a nice little meal or snack. With four different varieties and an ice cream shop next door, it’€™s The Little Dog all the way!

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