Dancing in the Kitchen


Recently I wrote about tips on how to make the most of family time during a long car ride…but what about making the most out of everyday with your family? We all rush around from schools to work to playgroups and activities, work outs, errands, etc. And hello—June is probably the worst month of all with end of school parties, SK graduation (don’t get me started on that), etc. It’s a very busy time for us moms.

Recently I came across a blog post from my friend at mamazen who talked about lowering her standards of perfection to help her get through her busiest days. She said she is lowering her standards (for everything) to 70%—clearly her attempt at not sweating the small stuff. It’s when things get hectic, that we need to have some handy tactics to help us through the chaos and make sure we don’t miss anything important along the way.

Mamzen recommends booking time, or at least setting time aside to do NOTHING with your kids. You’ll be surprised at what evolves—but you have to be prepared to sit on the kitchen floor and crawl under a fort. When my kids were little we used to blast the music and dance all over the kitchen to their favourite songs (and some of my favourite songs).

The point is that we need to keep a priority-meter handy when we get caught up in the vortex of rush-around-and-get-stuff-done. Sometimes the dishes can wait, or swimming lessons can be cancelled if it means that everyone in the house is happy. Dance in the kitchen, read a book or hop inside that fort for a minute. Playing with the kids is just as good for you as it is for them.

I’m just sayin’…because I know June is a busy month and we should all proceed with caution!

How are you keeping your priorities in check?




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