Date Night with My Son


Our national account manager, Maggie Dymond, shares her experience viewing The Smurfs on a recent date night with the special (little) man in her life.
The Smurfs have made their 3D debut and they don’t disappoint! Their movie, The Smurfs, was a huge hit with my five-year-old son who enjoyed it from beginning to end. (He also enjoyed telling the bus driver, who drove us to the movie theatre, that he was on a date with his mom, and of course, the huge bag of licorice we bought on arrival!)

The classically animated, lovable blue creatures are chased out of their magical village by the evil wizard, Gargamel (played by Hank Azaria), and end up in New York City. We follow their antics as they try to make their way back home. It’s full of fun, adventure and the kind of silliness the under ten crowd is sure to love

The underlying message is a valuable one, promoting the importance of family and sticking together.

It’s definitely a fun way to spend an hour and a half!

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