DIY Taco Salad


My go-to dinner this summer is taco salad.
Not only is it completely family-friendly, and makes for an excellent week night dinner, it’€™s also a total winner when it comes to entertaining, feeding a crowd, or hosting a dinner party. The flavours pair perfectly with the warm weather, and many of the items required are in season making it an economical choice as well.

I like to serve my taco salad family-style, allowing my kids or my guests to help themselves to the items they like best. The platter in the photograph above typically feeds six people’€”and if you’€™re entertaining, I’€™d suggest making a few of them and scattering them over a buffet table accompanied by bowls of grated Monterey Jack cheese, creamy guacamole, flavoured sour cream (think chipotle, lime and cilantro), crispy tortilla chips, sliced limes, chopped jalapenos and fresh salsa.

Feel free to swap the seasoned ground beef for grilled chicken or fish, or keep the meal completely vegetarian by offering a few different kinds of beans for the protein portion of the meal.

Does your family like taco salad? What are some of your favourite toppings?

Find the full printable recipe here: DIY Taco Salad


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