Do Your Children Celebrate Their Half-Birthday?


Traditionally, half-birthdays are celebrated by children who have a birthday close to a major annual holiday, or who were born during the summer and aren’€™t able to enjoy a fete with their friends who are likely away on vacation. However, these days, the idea of acknowledging the halfway point of someone’€™s year has taken off with many families, and half-birthdays are commemorated even if the real birthday falls far away from other big celebrations.
Typically more modest than an all-out birthday bash, the half-birthday is a simple and sweet way to mark the midpoint between ages. If you are looking to start a new family tradition with your kids, this might be something fun to consider.

Here are a few ways to creatively mark this unconventional celebration:

  • Serve half a dinner, including partial portions of pizza and cake.
  • Dip a favourite cookie halfway into chocolate.
  • Decorate half a room with a streamers and balloons.
  • Fill cups half-full of drinks.

I can honestly say I’€™ve never celebrated any of my children’€™s half-birthdays, but I’€™m curious to know if you have, and if so, how do you acknowledge the affair?


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