Don’t Freak, There’s One More Week


They’re all set to go with the exception of a few extras items that will get them psyched about returning to their old routine. See all of our 20 Back to School Essential Items for inspiration.
Get them excited about a new school year with new school gear that includes pencils with their name stenciled on them. Order a set of 12 pencils, markers and gel pens, or a 145 piece personalized stationary set. No need to thank us for the sharp tip(s). ($10.95, buy this)

Mama Love Snack PackGive a hug from home. It’s easier to digest your meal when you’re pulling out a brightly decorated fabric snack pack from Fluf, the Canadian manufacturer of these cute carriers. Large enough to carry a full sandwich and made of 100% organic cotton, these bags have a wipeable water-resistant lining and are free of all negativity—BPA, Phthalates, lead and toxins. Machine washable too…did someone mention hugs? ($16.50, buy this)

Grafeeti ShoesWe’re such killjoys. No drawing on the furniture, the dog, their bodies. Their shoes? Shock them for once with a yes. Grafeeti shoes for girls and boys come with the intention that they be doodled and drawn on endlessly. The ink won’t stain, but can be wiped off over and over. These shoes aren’t just blank canvases, either. With a shock absorbing rubber midsole and flexible traction outsole, they are meant to be worn, and look wicked cool (that’s our kids talking) too. ($38.92, buy this)

We’re pretty sure our kids love accessories as much as us moms do.


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