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Ever wonder what the detectives from CSI would find if they had to search through your car for “fibers”? Maybe some Cheerios, a few food wrappers, straws, sandwich crusts, a yogurt-covered spoon and our all time favourite—that lost milk bottle complete with chunks of curdled milk that’s been stuck under the seat since spring (and you kept blaming the dog for the smell).
It’s true, lots of life happens in your car and all moms know it. Now ‘back to routine’ season is looming and organizing oneself becomes a paramount concern this time of year. The good news is that for the car all you need is the new all-star line of Blink products to get it in tip top shape and keep it that way.

  • No Littering! – Easy-clip Blink™ Toss Out bags ($5.99 for 20) offer moms the opportunity to contain garbage in one tidy spot. When one Toss Out bag is full, it can be thrown into the household garbage can and another one can be hung in its place.
  • Cluttered Car, Cluttered Mind – It’s amazing how quickly items can pile up in the car—kids’ toys, books, sports gear and more, and all of it constantly has to be trudged from the car to the house and vice versa. Traditional grocery or garbage bags can take up too much room and hide what is inside them. Blink™ Tidy Totes ($5.99 for 4) are expandable, reusable mesh bags that allow moms to keep on top of the clutter.
  • No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk – A spill in the car can be an instant disaster, but Blink™ Spill Grabbers—handy super absorbent wipes—soak up spills quickly and easily. Might even avoid a mommy meltdown!
  • Out Darn Spot – Coffee, ketchup and other unidentified messes can leave stains. Blink™ Mess Lifters wet wipes ($5.99 for 20) are designed to help take the stain out of carpet and upholstery messes.
  • More Fingerprints than a Crime Scene – With kids and pets constantly touching car windows, it doesn’t take long for the interior glass to get covered with fingerprints and noseprints (again, no blaming the dog for these ones!). Blink™ Smudge Cleaners ($5.99 for 20 wipes and spray) are a two-in-one product that combines glass cleaner and wipes in one pack so you can attack those fingerprints.

We know those messes can happen in the blink of an eye (blink and the chocolate milk just got spilled again) but with Blink help for your car disasters is here

The full Blink line is available at Canadian Tire, Rexall, PharmaPlus, Safeway, Home Hardware and Wal-Mart.


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