Kick the Chaos


Even for us adults, September evokes that old ‘back to school’ feeling. It’s just that the pink plastic Barbie lunchbox of yesteryear is now replaced with an adult zeal for self-improvement.
This is the season our weight will get back in control. Our homes will be shinier. Our dinners will be healthier and our kids will be polite and neat. Right? So where do we get started? By tackling the bulging wardrobe of outgrown clothes, the junk around the telephone, the kids’ toys or whipping up a quick meal plan for the week. Pretty soon your eyes glaze over and before you know it you’ve fled the house for a latte.

Fortunately there are people out there to help get you on track with that new to-do list. One of them is Rowena List (no pun there) of Getting It Together, who says if we want to avoid clutter chaos, the first step is to refuse to buy things we don’t need (like that mega-pack of 50 pens when you only needed 2).

But what about the stuff that’s already overflowing on our shelves? For $85 an hour, Rowena will visit your home and help you de-clutter your way through your house without losing focus. “Live with faith, not fear,” she counsels. Don’t hoard things because you’re worried you might need them ‘one day’.


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