Details, Details


We like to think of that smelly, dirty vehicle which transports our children from place to place as not our car, but actually the kids’ car. With that perspective, it is easier to allow them to conduct those necessary in-car activities (such as eating ice cream) which quickly bring the interior to a maximum stickiness level but also might save our sanity.
So admittedly, we allow our children to make a mess sometimes, in the name of safety (and keeping them quiet), but we also need to maintain some sense of hygiene. It’s a constant battle. And, like with many things, there comes a time when we realize we need some professional help, beyond the usual ‘in and out’ car wash, which sometimes leaves us wanting more.

Yes, we’re talking ‘detailing’ and it’s not just for car buffs anymore now that we’ve discovered the ultimate mom service, mobile detailing (yes they come straight to your driveway) from C-SPEC Mobile Detailing Services. You can book your car ‘makeover’ online, and all you need to provide is access to water and a power supply.


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