Earth Hour 2009


It’s hard to believe that Earth Hour has come and gone for the third time. I hadn’t even heard of it before last year and already this year everybody was talking about it—and acting on it—around the world. That is powerful.
This year Earth Hour was a huge global success with 3,937 cities and towns turning out their lights, across 88 countries. With almost a billion people mobilized, Earth Hour 2009 was the biggest environmental demonstration in history!

We stayed in with the kids, turned off all the lights (and the computers!) and played a quick game of cards by candle light before bed. Beth Hayhurst, a good friend of mine and photographer extraordinaire who lives in Victoria, BC took some fabulous pictures of her kids’ Earth Day Party this year. They look so cute playing cards with their friends around the table. I just love this image.

What did you do for Earth Hour this year?


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