It’s a Dream


No matter your age or your kids’ age, moms are always in the market for the perfect baby gift. We seek out the latest and greatest, the practical and plush, those magical items that say “we know what you need, this will help”. With that in mind, the editors at have assembled the ultimate Dream Baby Shower Gift Guide that is sure to be the envy of any expectant mom and is the perfect resource for ‘shower shoppers’ everywhere.
Here’s a little bit about what we picked.

To ensure a good night’s sleep, we chose a crib and dresser from Mother Hubbard’s Cupboards’ new online factory direct store, an all natural dual-firmness Naturepedic crib mattress and a luxurious crib bedding set from Lavish Lamb. The Ultrasonic Humidifier by Crane (looks like a frog) will help to ensure the air is not too dry and is aesthetically soothing as well.

The Spa Baby Tub makes bath time so much easier because both moms and babies love it. Wrap her up in organic cotton onesies from Squishy Fish.

For babies’ perfect skin, we’ve selected organic baby skin care products from Burt’s Bees and Lalabee. For herself, every mom will love the Super Mama Kit and the Bootcamp for Butts kit from Mama Mio.

For the multi-tasking moms, the innovative PumpEase™ hands-free breast pumping system will allow mom to flip the pages of her book while pumping (remember all that reading you thought you would get done on mat leave?) and a Medela electric breastpump will make the job easier. For keeping baby close, we’ve chosen our two favourite slings—the colourful and stylish Pippalily sling and the versatile Blue Celery sling that wraps around any size parent so you can ‘share the weight’ with your partner.


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