Earthly Pursuits


Litter-ally, we need to clear some things up in time for Earth Day.

So, instead of just saying ‘cheerio’ to our Cheerios box as we stash it in the recycling bin, we’ve decided to walk the walk and not just talk the talk when it comes to saving Mother Earth. So this Earth Day, enjoy some earthly pursuits around your house that will help keep things green and clean while reinforcing the importance of doing so with the kids.

Shake up your regular weekly get together with an extra-special, earth-themed playdate that won’t take much effort. Kids will love to create and colour with these crazy Recycled Worm Crayons. Have everyone wear green for the theme and recommend self-powered transportation to your abode—walking, biking, taking scooters, strollers or wagons.

Plan an eco-scavenger hunt in the backyard or park. Give each child their own reusable bin/box/bag. The object is to collect any items of interest (in the case of the park, there might be garbage to pick up so watch carefully for what they are finding). If you play in the backyard, hide a few earth-friendly items or treats like candy worms and smooth rocks before the search begins. When finished, enjoy a post-hunt craft like rock decorating. With a little non-toxic paint, you can create ladybugs, turtles or any earthly species imaginable.

No Earth Day is complete without planting seeds, and these cosmic purple carrot seedswill ensure the day doesn’t become a distant memory. Let the kids plant them in their own pot to grow all spring and summer long.

For dinner, we’re taking a page from the 100 Mile Diet and we’re going to try to eat locally. Start by thinking of the food to serve for dinner—meat, vegetables, fruits and grains—and what percentage of that can be sourced from food producers within 100 miles of your door.

And speaking of dinner, the table is a perfect time for a teachable moment. Discuss what everyone thinks they could live without for one week in order to help reduce our carbon footprint on the earth. (For kids, think plastic toys, batteries, or a mass-produced snack.)

When it comes to recycling, we could supply half an electronics store with the items our family no longer uses. So we’re committed to collecting all the old junk (printers, DVD players, cameras and more) that has our basement in a funk. Depots in many municipalities across Canada have drop-off centres where these items can be reused or recycled. Now we’ve cleared the clutter out of our minds, our houses and the earth.

There’s being down to earth…and then there’s being down on the earth. Stay grounded while you help save the planet this Earth Day.


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