Eat Feast: Gourmet Meals Delivered


We’re feeling pretty good about the fresh and delicious lunches we’ve managed to provide for our kids (hello, bento). Our own midday fare? Well, the term lackluster comes to mind.

That’s why we were stoked about the launch of Feast, designed with input from one of our fave chefs, Trish Magwood. It works like this: we browse the site or app to choose our items, we order, and in a ridiculously short time (average 15 minutes) it arrives. We’re talking bistro-quality meals like Ontario beet and kale salad, chicken gumbo, or Kashmiri beef and lentil curry, with a dark chocolate and sour cherry decadent brownie to finish. We’re feeling good about eating healthy, fresh, local ingredients and we’re not missing scouring the local food court for some halfway decent options. Not to mention we can share the tip with our foodie co-workers so that we can all dine in style (in the boardroom). Plus, prices are way reasonable ($10-13 for lunches, $16-17 for dinners).

Menus are based on what is fresh and local and are created by top-notch chefs. Feast delivers to the downtown core (extending to Yonge and Bloor and Liberty Village) and also offers dinner delivery should you be working late (or happen to dwell inside the delivery areas). It’s like having our very own personal bistro with an ever-changing menu (we always wanted our own restaurant…).

It’s about time someone made your lunch for a change.

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