Elastic is Fantastic


It’s fab and all to switch our wardrobes with the change of seasons, but our closets are not the only thing we need to prepare for spring. Have you looked at your skin lately (and don’t even mention those white ankles)? Luckily our favourite skincare line for moms has just arrived in Canada, and if anything can get your skin ready for spring, it’s Mama Mio.
Mama Mio is a facial-quality line of bodycare products, specially formulated for what the founders (Sian Sutherland, Tanaya Kazeminy Mackay and Kathy Miller, three UK moms with seven children among them) call ‘Supermamas’— self-propelled dynamos who tirelessly do everything for everyone, mamas whose lives and skin are tired and require some extra TLC.

According to these three moms—who collectively have 40 years experience in the beauty industry and 62 years experience being supermamas—your secret weapon is the continual and plentiful use of Essential Fatty Acid-rich oils (EFAs), more commonly known as omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, to nourish the lipid layer of your skin, maintaining the suppleness and elasticity and helping your skin stretch and recover.


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