Fairy Door Trails in Ontario

Fairy Door Trails in Ontario - SavvyMom

Add some magic to your next walk or day trip in Ontario by seeking out trails with adorable decorated fairy doors. From Brussels to Palgrave Wildlife Forest, there are fairy door trails not far from the GTA that the whole family will love exploring. The little ones will be so entranced they’ll even forget to whine!

Fairy doors often rest at the base of a tree, on a building wall, or over a baseboard indoors. They have an ancient history and are said to invite fairies to move between the fairy kingdom and our world. After visiting these enchanting fairy door trails, you might be inspired to build your own fairy garden!

Here are some places to hunt for the enchanting portals…

Fairy Door Trails in Ontario:

Brussels Fairy Door Trails

The wee village of Brussels, close to Lake Huron and Goderich, is enchanting on its own. But add the element of three different fairy door trails that wind through town, and you have a recipe for pure magic. Expect to find 60 to 80 doors here, making it worth the drive.

Fairy Doors GTA

Thank you to the wonderful and generous soul who created this extensive fairy door map of the GTA.  Aim to hit an area with a high concentration, or add a surprise viewing to an excursion for other purposes. Either way, this map is sure to become your go-to resouce when the day needs some added sparkle.

Tottenham Trails – Caledon Trailway Path

The Fairy Trail is on part of the Caledon Trailway Path, near the 4 th Line/Mill Street entrance. Becky Crawford, a local artist, and her husband Tom MacDonald have added 20 or so fairy doors and furniture to the ½ km long fairy village, which begins just 500 feet from parking (behind the Tottenham Feed Store at 41 Mill St). Enjoy the beauty!

Palgrave Forest

There are lots of fairy houses hidden in the lovely Palgrave Forest Wildlife Reserve. Enjoy a beautiful hike in addition to the thrill of finding a fairy house, just north of Bolton.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park Gnome Road

Bronte Creek Provincial Park has always been a favourite with the kid-friendly play barn and Spruce Lane Farm. Now it’s beloved for another reason – Gnome Road, located just by the yellow playground and the play barn. Park in Lot C for a short walk behind the play barn and enjoy this easy, stroller-friendly foray into the forest on the Barrier-Free trail and Maiden’s Blush trail. Don’t forget to look up! The fairies and gnomes in Bronte Creek like to be nestled in the trees.


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