Family-Friendly Fondue Fun on New Year’s Eve

Family-Friendly Fondue - SavvyMom
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I’m one of those people that happens to think New Year’s Eve is highly overrated. However, I do love to use the occasion to serve something fun to the kids for a late dinner. We change it up almost yearly, trying something new and exciting each time, and this year we have big plans for a fondue feast.

If you’re planning on staying home on December 31 (the best way to avoid babysitting costs, cold-weather, slippery roads and expensive meals) this year, consider planning some family-friendly fondue fun for people of all ages.

I love fondue because it’s easy to put together, and works just as well for four people as it does for fourteen. The cheese sauce recipe can easily be doubled or tripled, if needed, and the selection of dipping items can be assembled based on how many people you’ll have around the table.

If you don’t have a fondue pot, fear not, because you can simmer your cheese dip in a standard saucepan, which makes for easier reheating when it starts to solidify. Feel free to use long wooden skewers in place of fondue forks, and encourage the kids to come up with crazy flavour combinations each time they dip.

A quick note about this recipe: traditional fondue is made with strong cheese and alcohol. The version we’re sharing omits both, and has a cheddar cheese base instead, which is more kid-friendly. If you have a large group of kids and adults consider making both variations, but for simple family fun I say go for the sauce that you know everyone will enjoy.

Are you wondering what to dip? Here’s a list of the most common items usually found on a fondue tray:

  • Cubed ham
  • Chunks of bread
  • Cornichon pickles
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Apple slices
  • Pear slices
  • Small boiled potatoes
  • Cured sausages, cut into pieces
  • Mushrooms
  • Green and red grapes
  • Cherry tomatoes

What do you do on New Year’s Eve? Does your family ever do fondue? What is your favourite thing to dip?

See the full printable recipe for family-friendly cheddar cheese fondue.


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