Fantastic Five


This week’s not just any week at Savvy HQ. We’re celebrating an important milestone that any mom would be proud of—it’s our 5th birthday!
For five great years, we’ve been proudly going where no moms have gone before (with a little nod to the SS Enterprise) to bring our loyal readers the savviest information that every mom needs to make her life a little easier.

Back in 2005, we were a two-mom show and all we did was send out national newsletters two times a week. But we’ve grown and added so much since then, and it’s been nice to sit back and reflect on all the good and not-so-good times we have had in the last five years. Herewith some of those:


  • Building a team of dedicated and loyal savvy moms who help us deliver an excellent product to our readers every week
  • Meeting mom entrepreneurs everywhere we go and being able to share their stories with our readers
  • Discovering the savviest solutions for moms across Canada
  • Testing all the amazing samples that are sent in for trial

Not So Good

  • Standing at trade shows all weekend
  • Search engine optimization
  • Keeping track of all the amazing samples that are sent in for trial
  • Putting your own chair together if you want somewhere to sit in the office

Thanks to SavvyMom, we’ve been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people, go to some amazing places, eat some amazing food and do lots of fun things. And we’re sure the next five years have lots more in store so stay tuned for some great new things to come right here on


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