Feeling Connected


Wow! I feel so very connected.
Wednesday’s She’s Connected Conference was an amazing and stimulating day (albeit a little tiring). It was particularly exciting to meet so many great people—especially the ones with whom I already had deep online-only relationships. We learned from so many people about social media and were intrigued and inspired by Professor Sidneyeve Matrix’s presentation on ‘How to “Click” with Millennial Moms”. It was one of the most insightful assessments of the way technology is shaping the mom market I have heard.

And we all enjoyed learning from the Egg Farmers of Ontario and meeting Dianne McComb, a REAL egg farmer, who added a note of authenticity to the Egg Farmers message. Check out their great new ‘Who Made Your Eggs Today?‘ campaign. I am already looking forward to the next conference.

If you were there, I would love to know what your highlights were.


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