Fancy Feet


Open toe season is clearly over. Now it’s time to pay attention to your sock drawer, where we bring you 10 Socks with Soul—our picks for all the ways to add fun to function and keep your footsies warm.

No-Budge Booties 
Oh my gosh, MimiTENS has turned their creative genius to booties! Long loved for their mittens that just plain stay on, these booties are also gosh darn near impossible to yank off, and they make those toddler toes even more adorbs. (Treat Your Tootsies!)

Make It Snappy 
Can you imagine never searching for lost socks again because they can be snapped together to survive the cruel, cruel world of the laundry cycle? It makes it all better somehow, and the designs are cute to boot. (Treat Your Tootsies!)

Our pick of socks do more than just keep little ankles and legs toasty—they provide some fun delight and design to keep us smiling.

Hop on down, we’ve got 8 more Socks with Soul to warm their toesies.



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