Fill the Gap


Statistics Canada tells us that over 60% of Canadian children aren’t getting enough fruits and vegetables every day (1*). Take that stat and mix it with the stress levels felt by the average Canadian mom about trying to make sure their kids eat enough fruits and veggies.
Luckily, there are multiple vitamins for children that can help. Multiple vitamins can serve as a supplement to help fill vitamin and mineral gaps for picky eaters when diet is not enough. Flintstones™ provides complete multiple vitamins and is the #1 recommended brand by Pediatricians (*for children’s chewable vitamins).

Generations of parents have used Flintstones™ multiple vitamins since the brand first launched in 1968. Flintstones™ Multiple Vitamins provides a wide range of vitamin products (available in great tasting chewables or gummies) to help serve kids, from fussy eaters to those who don’t eat enough vegetables!

And if filling that vitamin and mineral gap isn’t enough, Flintstones™ now has a special $2.00 off coupon for those who might be shy to try.

Good to Know: Multiple vitamins are formulated to be taken daily. Like most parents, you probably give your children vitamin supplements, such as Flintstones™, because sometimes diet isn’t enough. Surprisingly, over a third of parents who do give their children vitamins forget to give them daily. In addition, a common misbelief is that vitamin supplements are not necessary all year round.

As your children climb out into that big playground, you can feel good knowing that even if they didn’t finish their banana in the car, you filled them with all the right stuff for their day.

Flintstones Vitamins

(1*) Statistics Canada. Overview of Canadians’ Eating Habits. 2007. (accessed June 16, 2010).
Vitamins Usage and Attitudes Survey 2009


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