Go With the Flo


Evasive manoeuvers, dives, fakes – no, we’re not talking about the defensive highlights of your little soccer star’s summer season.
Instead we’re referring to those slippery bathtime moves that same little angel makes when you get out the shampoo and announce it’s time to wash and rinse.

We have the solution in three letters: F-L-O.

Flo is a product that not only makes washing hair quicker and easier but also adds safety and fun to the bathtime mix.

This nifty multi-tasking device clamps on to your faucet (no tools required) to divert the flow of water and create a waterfall-like stream perfect for wetting and rinsing hair.

Because the edges are made of a soft, flexible material, Flo also protects against bumps and bangs on hard metal while putting a safe barrier between delicate skin and the sometimes too-hot surface of your bath faucet.

And if you’ve ever experienced the phenomenon of bubble-bath volcano, with all the suds mounting up right under the faucet leaving the rest of the tub a bubble-free (and fun-free) zone, Flo can fix that too. Just fill up the built-in dispenser with your favourite bubble bath and let your kids do the rest. With the push of one button – and we know how kids love pushing buttons – the bubbles get released evenly into the stream of bath water.

Best of all? With hair-washing duties done in record time, you and the kids will have more time to enjoy all those suds.

Another boon for bathtime.

Here’s the real savvy scoop – Flo is so new it’s not even available in stores yet. But you can order it online (and have one sent to you next week) at Safety Superstore. Available at Toys ‘R’ Us across the country next week.


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