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Our love for Melissa McCarthy, a new way to remember CPR, the 19 Kids and Counting scandal and more. That’s what’s got us talking around the office this week.
1. The masterful way Melissa McCarthy shut down a sexist
We adored watching the amazing and talented Melissa McCarthy describe to Ellen the exchange she had with a reporter who had written mean things about how she’d looked in a film. Although she had every right to be enraged, she explained her position and thinking with patience and kindness, bringing the guy around to her way of thinking by asking him to consider if he’d want his own daughter to be told she wasn’t worthy of a job because of the way she looked.

2. This amazing way to remember how to do CPR
We’d just been thinking we should update our CPR when we saw this great video. It offers a light-hearted way to remember the correct speed for doing compressions during CPR, which has changed a lot since we first learned it in gym class. And the song in question couldn’t be more appropriate. Check it out.

Neville Longbottom is Neville Pertbottom now

3. J.K. Rowling’s reaction to sexy photos of Neville Longbottom
Okay, we know his real name is actually Matthew Lewis, but we can’t get over this actor’s transformation from his years portraying the loveable loser in the Harry Potter movies. In a very British fashion, author J.K. Rowling had an adorably scandalized reaction on Twitter. Check out the exchange here.

4. Sex-ed that turns boys into men
We think you’re going to be heartened to hear about Wiseguyz, a non-profit based in Calgary that has a pretty great approach to teaching boys about sex. Participants explore human rights, sexual health, gender and healthy relationships, which sounds like a winning combination to us. The program was started when the Calary Sexual Health Centre found that while teen pregnancy was town, STIs among teen boys were increasing, pointing to a propensity for risky behaviour. The idea is to ‘encourage boys to consider everything they’ve been taught about what it means to be a man, deconstruct it, and then think about how to become a good one.’ This story by parenting writer Leslie Garrett explains it well.

the Duggars

5. The Josh Duggar scandal
In an example of what can go horribly wrong when youngsters aren’t given proper guidance on appropriate sexual behaviour, we were all appalled by revelations that the 19 Kids and Counting Star had admitted to molesting at least five girls when he was a teenager, some of whom were his sisters. It’s very disturbing also that he was never charged and that the Duggar family (and possibly their network TLC) kept it under wraps this whole time. Instead, the Duggar family took the matter to the elders of the church, then to a state trooper and family friend for a ‘very stern talk.’ Right. That state trooper is now serving a 56-year jail sentence for some child pornography crimes. Nice company. We hope the TLC, which has become such a train wreck (it’s hard to believe it had it’s origins as ‘The Learning Channel,’) takes a long hard look at the morality of bringing this sort of programming into the world. In this case it clearly provided a shield of celebrity that stood between Josh and legal reckoning. TLC has at least temporarily pulled the show but it’s not known if that decision is permanent. A great way to show the network your discontent? Just don’t watch any of its sensational programming. Plus, it’s too nice outside to be inside watching Hoarding: Buried Alive anyway.



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