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Okay, so we’ve spent a fair amount of time talking about the lovely spring weather that has finally arrived this week. But here’s what else had us abuzz at Savvy HQ this week.
1. Alyssa Milano’s breast milk
We felt the celebrity mom’s pain this week when Heathrow airport security confiscated a bottle containing 10 hard-earned ounces of pumped breast milk. 10! We know airport security is important, and that there’s always a chance a terrorist could try to bring liquid explosives on board disguised as shampoo or duty-free booze. But here’s the thing: Terrorists get away with crap by, well, flying under the radar, so to speak. In other words, by not being Alyssa Milano. And besides, there’s supposed to be an exception for babies’ milk. Infuriatingly, security told Milano it would have been fine for her to board with a bottle volume that high if the baby had been travelling with her. ‘Why would I need to pump if I had the baby with me?’ asked the actor in a tweet? When you think about it, that makes it kind of a pro-formula policy, or at least one that suggests breastfed babies would be discretely fed pumped milk from a bottle during flight so that nobody’s boob makes an appearance. Madness!

strong is the new pretty2. Fabulous photography celebrating girls
On a happier note for all female kind, we stumbled upon a photographer whose images of her daughters send a great message about what it means to be a girl. Kate T. Parker’s Strong is the New Pretty series captures her sporty girls in all their messy, sweaty glory. But what we love is that the Atlanta-based photographer is careful to point out that she’s not promoting her daughters’ tomboyish ways over those of girls who are into princesses and all things pink. ‘Whatever your kids are, celebrate that,’ Parker explains.

WHY I WEAR THE EXACT SAME THING TO WORK EVERY DAY3. Wearing the same outfit to work each day
New York art director Matilda Kahl took the internet by storm this week with her post on Harpers Bazaar about the ‘work uniform’ she’s established to simplify her life. Her post explains that she was driven to switch to wearing the same white blouse and black pants each day (she has multiples, of course) when, after one of those mornings we’ve all had when nothing she put on felt right, she entered a meeting feeling less than confident. Wearing the same thing every day puts her creative focus where it should be—on her work, she says. This got us chatting about whether we’d be able to commit to a work uniform. I think each of us can see the appeal of having one sophisticated, understated outfit that fits just right and doesn’t require any thought. But we wonder if we’d get bored. What do you think? Could you do it?

Nutella at Tim Hortons4. Nutella at Tim Hortons
The venerable donut chain’s new series of pastries featuring Nutella arrived in shops this week. Some in the allergy community were outraged at the move, while others pointed out that Timmies have never been an allergy-safe destination. What do you think? Was it irresponsible for the company to bring these products into their stores? And do you plan to try them?

Body Shaming and Pink5. Ridiculous body shaming of Pink
It’s such a crime that the public can’t get enough of criticizing women’s bodies for being too skinny or too fat. We can’t win. Pink was the latest celebrity mom to come into the line of fire this week when, after tweeting a gorgeous picture of herself with daughter Willow, the interwebs lashed out with that other F word—fat. Happily, moms have rushed to Pink’s defense, proudly tweeting pics of their ‘squishy’ post-baby bodies. It’s just crappy that we’re still having this conversation.




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