Fun with the Fluff


That white fluffy stuff isn’t just synonymous with shovelling, winter tires, lost mittens and bulky snow gear. It’s for playing with and having fun outside.
And since the holidays offer the perfect opportunity to spend some time outside with the kids, we found just the thing to help bring the fun back into your snowy days. SNOW PLAY, a new book by Birgitta Ralston, has a multitude of great winter activities for you and the kids to enjoy. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in this simple and inspired book.

Curious FootprintsCurious Footprints
Snowshoeing is pretty popular these days…but if you want to wow the kids and neighbours, try monster-shoeing. Using a sheet of thick cardboard (recycle some of those boxes that Santa’s gifts come in), trace two large ‘monster’ footprints and cut them out. Have your child put his foot on each one, then pierce two holes using a screwdriver to measure the width of his foot. Using a long piece of twine, thread through one hole then up through the second. Outside in the snow, tie the twine around his boot like a shoelace. Do the same for the second foot. Make sure he takes big steps to keep the prints nice and clear. The neighbourhood kids will think the Abominable Snowman has come to town!


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