Game On


We know it’s been a long winter, and it’s not over yet. Weather has played havoc on us in all parts of the country and Mother Nature’s been working hard to remind us who is boss.
If you are looking for a way to while away what’s left of the season, help is at hand with two very helpful (non-board) games for families. And what better time to haul out the games than now when you might have nice long family breaks ahead of you this month.

The brand new Endangered Species Memory Game by SOS (Save Our Species) is a beautifully presented memory card game suitable for all members of the family (ages three to 103). Co-founders Julie Bredin and Anouk Bikers established SOS with a vision to inspire people to improve the effects of their footprint on our environment. Players turn over each brilliantly colourful and sensitively rendered drawing of the world’s endangered species by artist Anouk, then refer to a second card with a background description and fun facts on the endangered animal. Our testers began playing the game with the aim to win but by the end were more interested in learning about the particular species they had acquired. This is a game that any family who has ever taken a trip to the zoo (or plans to do so) will enjoy playing and learning.


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