Gender-Inclusive Kids Wardrobe Refresh

Gender-Inclusive Kids Wardrobe Picks - SavvyMom

Is it time for a kids wardrobe refresh? Not everything has to be firmly divided into two camps: pink frills or blue athletics.

We’re heartened to see so many companies embracing gender-neutral, gender-free, and gender-inclusive clothes – no more putting our kids in a box. Rather, we can just let them wear what they like in the truest expression of themselves. Bonus – hand-me-downs just got way easier, a definite plus for both those giving and receiving. And these items are in keeping with a capsule wardrobe for kids, too. Here are some of our favourite picks…

Top Picks for a Gender-Inclusive Kids Wardrobe Refresh


Oversized Hoodie

We love the teen line at Gap, with sizes running from youth 8 to 20. This oversized hoodie in grey will become a closet staple, perfectly paired with jeans, sweats, or shorts.

$30 – Buy Here

Varsity Jacket Kids Wardrobe - SavvyMom

Varsity Bomber Jacket

Varsity bomber jackets are definitely still having a moment; in fact, they’ve been popular with everyone since the ’50s . We love that this one comes in pint-sized versions so that even the littlest of fashion icons can show their stuff.

$43 – Buy Here

Denim Shorts - SavvyMom

Denim Shorts

Anyone and everyone can wear these easy-like-Sunday-mornings denim shorts. They’re perfect in a kids wardrobe and heck, we want a pair, too!

$25 – Buy Here

Kids Nirvana T-Shirt - SavvyMom

Nirvana T-shirt

Band t-shirts for everyone! This one meets our musical seal of approval and their love of expression.

$20 – Buy Here

Kids Wardrobe Yale Hoodie - SavvyMom

Yale University Hooded Sweatshirt

Definitely comfortable, and definitely on-trend, this university sweatshirt will be on the top of the favourite clothes pile.

$50 – Buy Here

Kids Wardrobe Plaid Pants - SavvyMom

Plaid Pants

Very stylish “London Calling”, these plaid pants are comfortable and yet “nice” enough for dinner at grandma’s.

$53 – Buy Here

Kids Rugby Shirt - SavvyMom

Cotton Rugby Shirt

Ah, the rugby shirt – it’s a definite vibe (one that we recall from our school days). This one is relaxed and gets softer and softer with every wash.

$25 – Buy Here

Lanyard Pouch Set - SavvyMom

Lanyard Pouch Set

Lanyards – they’re not just for boring business conferences anymore. This set of two different sized zipped up pouches will help the kids keep track of their keys, ear pods, and phones.

$35 – Buy Here

Kids Wardrobe Denim Overalls - SavvyMom

Denim Overalls

We love overalls. Kids love overalls. They look great paired with a simple t-shirt, or pair with a crewneck over top for a change.

$33 – Buy Here

Multi-Check Socks - SavvyMom

Multi Check Socks

Groovy sock alert – these are colourful and hip, plus super soft. They’ll pair well with the popular white sneaker and grey fleece pants.

$18 – Buy Here

Kids Blue Light Glasses - SavvyMom

Blue Light Glasses

Kids are on screens these days, sometimes from school, hobbies such as coding or digital art, or leisure time. Help them reduce eyestrain and add to their look with these stylish blue light glasses.

$17 – Buy Here

Nike Black Slides - SavvyMom

Black Slides

Everyone is a fan of these black Nike slides, and it’s easy to see why. They’re comfortable, able to handle water, easy to slip on, and go with everything. And yes, they’re fine to wear with socks. The kids will wear these until the snow comes!

$32 – Buy Here


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