Building a Capsule Wardrobe for Kids

Building a Capsule Wardrobe for Kids - SavvyMom

Adults do capsule wardrobes, so a capsule wardrobe for kids should totally be a thing. It’s efficient, makes it easy to pull an outfit together, and you’ll likely save money, too. Here are the pieces that make it work, swapping in and out of different outfits easily. From the classroom to a day downtown exploring, these pieces simply work — plus, gender neutral!

Essential Pieces to Build a Capsule Wardrobe for Kids

Capsule Wardrobe for Kids Pocket T - SavvyMom

Oversized Pocket T-Shirt

Opt for an oversize pocket t-shirt in a neutral colour and you’ll open up endless outfit possibilities. Pair with khakis, jeans, or sweats and everyone is happy.
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Hooded Jacket for Kids - SavvyMom

Hooded Jacket

A zip-up hoodie definitely has a spot in a capsule wardrobe. We adore the brown colour – so on trend for fall – but any of the available colours go with a variety of items.
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Grey Sweatpants for Kids - SavvyMom

Grey Sweatpants

We’re pretty sure they’ll need at least one pair of grey fleece joggers this year – if not two. You’ll find these as a mainstay of just about any outfit out there – think of it as a blank canvas for creative accessorizing.
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Capsule Wardrobe for Kids Hip Pack - SavvyMom

Hip Pack

A plain black hip pack is something you can use every day to keep their change and phones safe. Now on-trend worn across the body, this good old fanny pack has got more staying power – it just keeps going!
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Oversized Denim Shirt - SavvyMom

Oversized Denim Shirt

This wardrobe staple will come into play in so many ways – as a layer when the kids start to shiver, as a cover up over bathing suits at the beach, tucked into chinos for a preppy smart casual look, or to add some contrast over sweats. Oversized = overtime work!
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Capsule Wardrobe Twill Joggers - SavvyMom

Twill Joggers

We love these twill joggers. Light beige is perfect for a slightly dressier look, while black lets them get messy without a care about stains.
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Roots Sweatshorts - SavvyMom

Sweat Short

Keep them cool in the heat or as PJs for sleepovers with these versatile sweat shorts that match absolutely everything. Plus, no one every complained about wearing sweats – they’re that comfortable.
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Capsule Wardrobe White Sneaker - SavvyMom

White Sneakers

Everyone loves white sneakers because they go with… well, everything! No matter the occasion, they’ll be stuffing their feet into these – so you might want to stock up.
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