Gettin’ Buggy


Bugs. To love or to hate? That is the question.

We have two solutions to help you embrace your inner bugginess this summer. After all, insects are a sign that summer is here and we can get buggy about that.

Love Them

Most kids like to collect anything dirty, gross and smaller than them. So bugs are pretty high on the list, but many of the bug kits available have microscopes that don’t work properly. How can you be a real scientist if you don’t have the right equipment? Navir is a company that takes science seriously and has created a line of bug kit collectibles with microscopes that work. Our little scientists tested the Super Bug Viewer and can’t put it down. The fact that it’s made in Italy means that it has about as much style as a plastic bug toy can have – which is something, according to our books.

Available at The Toy Space, 106 Bathurst St. at King.
For those outside the GTA (or not wanting to battle the inner city), call (416) 203 0792 and they will be happy to deliver.

Hate Them

image Eye Believe Outdoor Body Spray is the all-natural answer to keeping the bugs off your family. Given a thumbs up by their own testers in Northern Quebec (during black fly season – yuck) and by our savvy scouts in Northern Ontario, this product really works and we are serious when we say it smells GREAT. Eye Believe outdoor body spray uses only natural organic essential oils of catnip, cedarwood, citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, patchouli and peppermint. Top tip from the developers: spray on hats, clothing and pets as well. It really does smell good (and no chemicals at all).

Available online at or call (905) 927 3800

So love them or hate them – your call. Just don’t let them bug you.


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