Green Baggin’ It


We’re trying really hard to reduce our consumption of plastic shopping bags, we really are. But we found ourselves craving a little more flair on the bag front than some of the standard-issue grocery store options (and we don’t mean in Italian leather). Luckily, we found it.

The Carry All market basket by Reisenthel is perfect for the interminable hauling back and forth from house to car to house to car to house (and so on) of toys, groceries, library books, soccer cleats, sippy cups, water bottles, mail, wet bathing suits…you know what we mean. The weather-resistant, tear-proof nylon is easy to clean and the collapsible format makes it easy to store when it’s not in use (although you’ll find that’s not very often). Throw it over your arm (it’s amazingly light—it’s reinforced with aluminum—and comfortable to carry) when you’re off to your local farmers’ market, taking the family on a picnic or out to do errands, and you’ll feel totally eco-chic. It’s the ultimate basket—perfected with German efficiency.

If you find yourself hauling around bottles a lot—buying, drinking, recycling—we know it takes some effort, the Reisenthel Bottle Bag is another great addition to your bag collection. It’s designed to accommodate 9 bottles (1.5 litre size) without falling over or banging into each other. Best of all—no more unneeded empty boxes once the party is over! Savvy scouts report this bag is also great for other home storage uses such as storing household cleaning products, kids shoes and art supplies.

And, if you’re ready to take the next leap in waste and plastic food storage reduction, forgo the ubiquitous single-use plastic produce bags, a stash of Ecobags Produce Bags is great to have on hand for a trip to the farmers’ market and for those who partake in the many organic veggie delivery services, where the produce generally comes in a box without any individual bags. Larger than the standard plastic produce bag and much more aesthetically pleasing, they are made of natural unbleached cotton and close up tight with a drawstring so no twist-ties are required. The medium size is perfect for items such as nuts and fruit and the larger size accommodates vegetables like broccoli.

So add some of these to your bag collection, and now you can BYOB (bag that is) in style.

Tested by Tracy E., Toronto


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