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Nioxin Salon ImageDespite its hush-hush nature, thin-looking hair is very common—bet you didn’t know that more than three out of four people in the U.S. experience some level of thinning. That’s more people with thinning hair than who colour their hair. However, for something that affects so many people, there is a shocking lack of helpful, clear and consistent information available surrounding what thinning hair is and why it occurs.
What Is Thin-Looking Hair?
Thin-looking hair occurs along a spectrum that ranges from barely noticeable thinning to significant thinning/hair loss. Additionally, individuals often have trouble describing how their thinning is manifested and experience a wide range of emotions depending on where they fall within the spectrum. No wonder there is so much confusion.

A closer look at hair biology reveals 3 key areas that can influence hair appearance and condition:

  1. The link between scalp and hair environment,
  2. The role of the hair growth cycle,
  3. The change of hair structure over time.

Nioxin Product ShotWhat Can Be Done?
NIOXIN has created a system to help fight thin-looking hair by:

  1. Cleansing hair and scalp to remove sebum and other residues
  2. Conditioning and protecting hair to help reduce breakage
  3. Thickening each strand of hair for a fuller looking head of hair

NIOXIN’s 6 regimen options and additional stand-alone treatments address the three main biological factors of hair in different combinations for a truly customized solution.

Nioxin ExpertSavvyMom Readers Asked and NIOXIN Experts Answered
We had hundreds of questions from our readers on thinning thin-looking hair and NIOXIN Stylist Ambassador Mirella Rota Sementilli took time to answer. Born in Ceprano, Italy, Mirella Rota Sementilli has been a licensed Canadian hairdresser since 1983. Not only does she enjoy serving a wide range of clientele in her salon, but Mirella is also passionate about sharing her 27 years worth of knowledge, skills and expertise with others.

What is the main cause of thinning hair? – Natalie from Edmonton, AB
That’s the million dollar question! Thinning hair can be caused by many factors—genetics, over-styling, hormonal changes etc. and varies from person to person. It’s not one size fits all, so it is best to focus on what you’ve got and find the products that are right for your hair type.

As I get older (now 42), my hair gets thinner and very, very dry. What can women in their 40s do to thicken or promote healthy hair growth and prevent further hair loss? – Kimberly A. from Vancouver, BC
Kimberly your proactive approach to help your thin-looking hair is what NIOXIN has committed over 20 years of research to. Just last month NIOXIN launched a hair plumping product called Diamax with HTX. Scientists developed Diamax with a skin care inspired approach and combined it with hair research. It can increase the diameter of each existing hair strand by 4.5% and strengthen the hair’s resilience against breakage—still leaving it smooth to the touch.

How much hair is normal to lose each day? – Karen S. from Newmarket, ON
Most people have a shedding cycle of approx. 50 to 100 hair strands a day. The breakdown is as follows: blonde hair sheds approximately 50 strands a day, brown/red 75 strands a day and black hair approximately100 strands a day. Keep in mind that if you have long or curly hair, or you keep your hair tied up for days, it can lead to more significant shedding. These numbers are estimates only and understand that hair breakage can also add to your shedding cycle.

Does using a flat iron, or other heated hair appliances thin you hair? – Karlina G. from Stony Plain, AB
Karlina, any over use of a hot tool may cause hair breakage especially if you have a build-up of lacquer in your hair. If your hair is feeling dry and broken try cutting back on the heat styling for a while. If you eliminate the hot tools as a culprit and feel your hair is still thin-looking try NIOXIN Diamax with HTX Complex which is a hair thickening treatment designed to increase the diameter of every hair strand. It is a leave in treatment with multiple benefits including making hair more manageable and soft.

As my hair turns grey it seems to thin more, what can I do for this? – Sylvia S. from St. Catherines, ON
Research shows that over time, as we age, hair’s diameter will decrease by up to 5%. I’m really excited about NIOXIN’s new Diamax treatment that is proven to increase the diameter of each and every hair strand by up to 4.5% in just one use—which feels like adding 4,500 strands of hair to your head. It’s easy to use and will instantly make your hair feel thicker. Apply to roots when hair is wet or dry and massage in to see incredible results that I am sure you will love.

Does scalp health relate to thinning hair? – Katelyn W. from Nanaimo, BC
Katelyn, poor scalp health is one of the many causes of thin looking hair, which is why it’s important to maintain a clean scalp free from debris, sebum, free radicals etc. Scalp skin is an extension of our body skin and NIOXIN has dedicated over 20 years of research using special ingredients to maintain a healthy scalp environment. Research shows that excessive sebum and various buildup of debris can interfere with hair growth. NIOXIN offers an in salon treatment called Scalp Renew, which is like having a scalp facial. You can find a salon in your area at

Is thinning hair something you are born with, or the result of damage done to the hair? – Mary S. from Richmond, BC
Mary, genetics play a factor in hair colour, texture and density for sure but significant overprocessing may also damage existing hair. Take a proactive approach if this is a lingering concern of yours. I asked similar questions myself about 8 years ago, and was led to NIOXIN. NIOXIN scientists research hundreds of ingredients that specifically address hair density and they developed an easy to use system which includes 3 steps; a cleanser, scalp therapy and a treatment to help promote healthy scalp and hair that can be used daily. Great question.

My hair is thinning in one spot, what can I do about this? – Michelle H. from London, ON
Michelle, NIOXIN Hair Booster is a stand-alone product designed to treat localized areas of concern. I would recommend you also see a dermatologist for any medical concerns and begin using NIOXIN’s cleanser and scalp therapy for every day scalp and hair maintenance.

I always had fairly thick hair, but since I had kids (9 years!), it has been falling out like crazy. I also have Celiac disease, and was wondering if nutrition could be a factor in my hair loss. My scalp gets very itchy along my back hairline and around my ears. What can I do to have healthy hair and a healthy scalp? – Elizabeth R. from Etobicoke, ON
Elizabeth, first of all, I would recommend speaking with your family doctor about the possible effects of Celiac disease. In terms of your hair and scalp, NIOXIN has two great treatment options. Scalp Renew is designed to help regenerate the skin’s surface up to 34% faster and Density Restoration that helps restore and retain stronger, denser looking hair by reducing breakage an average of 54%.

I recently dropped a lot of weight and my hair fell out. Will it come back? Can I stop it from happening further? – Lynn H. from Ottawa, ON
Lynn, I would recommend seeking out a NIOXIN salon so they can provide you with a full consultation. Depending on your hair and scalp, they may recommend an in-salon treatment called Scalp Renew that helps remove build-up around the follicle site. The consultation will also help determine which Hair System Kit you take home. Use all three steps in the system and in 30 days you will see thicker-looking hair.


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