14 Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Now that fall has officially arrived and the kids have had a chance to settle into their school routines, our thoughts have started to turn to all things Halloween. First up: securing costumes for the main event. Need some inspiration? We’ve rounded up some great Halloween costume ideas for kids that are perfect for the occasion. Whether you’re shopping for something ready-made or going the DIY route this year, these costumes are sure to make your trick-or-treaters the best-dressed kids on the block.

Baby Shark Costume

Baby Shark Costume

This song is going to be stuck in your head for the next 10 years, so you might as well embrace it! A snuggly fleece one-piece is a perfect way to keep your babe cozy on their first trick-or-treating adventure. Sizing goes up to 24 months, making it ideal for toddler sharks, too.

$30 | Available at oldnavy.ca

DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume

A favourite with parents of toddlers, this classic costume is cute as can be.

You’ll need:
a black long-sleeve shirt
black track pants
a black toque
black mittens
a swimming mask
a pacifier
an empty water or pop bottle
silver paint
a piece of cardboard
black ribbon
a piece of flexible black foam
electrical tape
hot glue

How to:
While the clothing and swimming mask make up most of this costume, the key to the whole look is the DIY air tank. To make the tank, simply paint an empty water or pop bottle silver and affix to a piece of cardboard with hot glue. Glue two pieces of black ribbon to the cardboard to create a backpack for your child to wear. Next, glue or tape one end the black foam to the bottle and attach a pacifier to the other end. Your scuba suit now has an air tank, complete with a mouthpiece. Feeling extra crafty? Cut a set of flippers out of black felt or foam to slip on over your child’s shoes.

Long Sleeve Dino Hooded Fleece

Who says tween girls are the only ones who like onesies? We all love onesies! They’re soft, warm, comfortable, and make sure great costumes. Check out this dino costume for boys or girls – we love the vibrant green and scales. We’re not going extinct in this get-up.

$38 | Available at childrensplace.com

Care Bears Costume

If you’re looking for an awesome family or group costume idea, you can’t go wrong with a classic like The Care Bears. A ready-made suit (like Cheer Bear, pictured here) is great if you’re short on time, but if you’re feeling crafty, it’s easy to make one yourself with a colourful hoodie, some felt (tail, ears, and crest), and a bit of hot glue.

$40 | Available at amazon.ca

Veterinarian Role Play Costume Set

Complete with a pretend pet to care for, costume scrubs, and lots of tools to help Fido feel better, this pick highlights their caring personality.

$40 | Available at chapters.indigo.ca

DIY Lumberjack Halloween Costume

This oh-so-Canadian costume idea comes together in a snap and is perfect for kids of all ages.

You’ll need:
a plaid shirt
jeans with suspenders
a toque
a beard*
toy axe

How to:
This costume is all about the clothes! If you can’t find a pair of jeans with suspenders attached, simply add a set of clip-on suspenders to jeans your child already wears. When it comes to the beard, you can create one with felt or yarn if you’re feeling crafty, but makeup will work just as well to achieve that scruffy look. A toy axe pulls it all together.

PJ Masks – Catboy, Gekko & Owlette

Wow, you can’t beat this deal – three costumes for three PJ Masks characters! Each comes with a mask and a cape so your little one can be a different character for the school, daycare and trick or treating festivities.

$17 | Available at amazon.ca

Skeleton Halloween Costume

There’s nothing scary about this adorable skeleton costume that’s perfect for baby’s first Halloween. This one-piece gem fits up to 12 months and is also available in a sweet pumpkin print.

$17 | Available at Old Navy

Child Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Costume

Ok, this one is pricey, but come on! So hilarious! Imagine seeing your little one as king of the dino world, the T-Rex, with this inflatable jumpsuit. Love it.

$70 | Available at partycity.com

Ghost Halloween Costume

Go beyond the old sheet-with-eyeholes ghost costume and create this cool (and more kid-friendly) upgrade using only a few basic materials.

You’ll need:
a white sheet
a roll of gauze bandages
white makeup
grey eye shadow

How to:
To create the body of this costume, you’ll need to fold a white sheet in half and cut a hole along the fold for your child’s head to fit through. Once your child has slipped the costume over their head, trim as needed along the bottom and sides (keep in mind that cuts don’t have to be perfect!). If the body of the costume feels a bit plain, take it up a level by gluing on strips of the sheet off-cuts for texture, or even fake cobwebs and plastic spiders. To complete the look, apply a light layer of white makeup to your child’s face, and dab around their eye area with a bit of grey shadow. Wrap the roll of gauze bandages around their head and under their chin, tucking in the end for easy removal at the end of the night.

Mouse from The Gruffalo Costume

Your little one is sure to get plenty of treats thanks to this sweet Halloween costume that brings a beloved children’s book character to life.

You’ll need:
a thin headband
construction paper
a glue stick
a Gruffalo shirt (optional)

How to:
Cut pieces of construction paper to build the mouse’s head and face. Leave some extra paper at the top of the head so that you can wrap it around the headband and glue in place. While a Gruffalo shirt is nice to have if you can find one online, it’s not truly essential to the costume. In its place, you could easily substitute a brown hoodie or sweatshirt, with a white felt belly and brown felt tail attached.

Doc McStuffins Costume

Turn their favourite Disney character into their favourite costume with this handy all-in-one Doc McStuffins set that includes Doc’s dress, coat, headband, bag and stethoscope. Add a special stuffed pal from your collection and layer with some warm leggings to complete the look. Bonus: this costume is great for pretend play all year long.

$40 | Available at partycity.com

Peter Parker and Spider-Man Costumes

Spider-Man costumes are easy to find this time of year (like this one for $20, available at walmart.ca), but what about the man behind the mask? This DIY Peter Parker costume turns a younger sibling into the ultimate superhero sidekick.

You’ll need:
a toque
a pair of glasses with the lenses removed
jeans and a hooded sweater
press pass
cardboard camera
Spider-Man shirt (optional)
glue stick

How to:
This costume is all about the accessories. For Peter’s glasses, you’ll need to pop the lenses out of a pair of inexpensive frames from the dollar store. The Daily Bugle press pass is a printout from the web and can easily be customized with a photo of your child. For the camera, print an enlarged version of a camera emoji and paste it onto a piece of cardstock, then add a bit of string so your little one can wear it around their neck.

Super Mario Brothers Costume

If your little ones are into video games, you can’t go wrong with everyone’s favourite Nintendo duo, Mario and Luigi. Go solo or pair up with a friend for a next-level buddy costume. The store-bought version is perfect if you’re pressed for time, but making your own is super easy, too.

You’ll need:
a long-sleeve shirt in red or green
a hat in red or green
felt (black, white, yellow and red or green)
white gloves
eyelash adhesive
hot glue

How to:
The key to this costume is in the hat logo and the moustache, both of which can be made using felt (along with large yellow felt buttons for the overalls). Simply affix a felt M or L to your hat in the appropriate colour, and secure the moustache with a dab of eyelash adhesive. Bonus points if you collect candy in a cardboard box painted to look like a Super Mario block!

$40 | Available at partycity.com



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