Hanging Bax’s Hat


I’m almost afraid of the ‘friendly opinions’ after this post. You see we’ve suffered a conundrum that dates back to Baxter’s arrival: where’s he going to sleep?
Now, this question has taken on a heavier meaning after reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth M.D. In it, the argument is made for a volume and quality of sleep that we haven’t yet attained. Also discussed are the repercussions if such habits are not maintained—symptoms we are currently witnessing. I realize this is commonplace for all new parents. Furthermore, I officially apologize to all my parenting friends I scoffed at as they tried to recreate quiet, dark sleeping times for children. Scoffed and mocked. Sorry.

But that’s not the crux of it. Currently Baxter sleeps in an ‘alcove’ off the dining room – open to the living room and stairs – which is open to our open bedroom and bathroom. Picking up on the ‘open’ concept? It seemed like a good idea at the time. Now add Queen Street East to the mix in all it’s glory: sirens, streetcars, trucks, rabble rousing, and did I mention streetcars? We’re practically across from the main terminal. Harsh squeals cut into the late night pensive calm like knives.

The solution was to build a bedroom, and arguably use our house more efficiently. The plan unfortunately places Baxter’s new bedroom on a different floor than our bedroom. Frightening as that may seem, technically there’s only one door (his) between our bed and his (no mention of the two flights of stairs).

I’m just finishing the trim work, we have a paint plan and the plush carpet is wall-to-wall. There will be space for his growing wardrobe and a video monitor for that special ‘closeness’. Better yet, the streetcar’s cruel distractions are muffled by two walls and as much sound attenuation as I could pack. Fun bonuses include a new trend, the ‘walk-through casement window’ to my office and a Dutch door to the hall for light, safety and nostalgia.

We would like you to join us in the christening of Baxter’s first patch of exclusive Toronto real estate. Chin chin master Baxter!

Construction with Baxter


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