Have Your Share


Always looking for the “best of…” for your family about town?

Moms know that the savviest way to get the lowdown on the top places in our ‘hoods is from other moms. Because moms love to share (and we’re so good at it).

That’s why today we’re launching a new way to help moms across Canada share their collective wisdom. It’s aptly named ShareSavvy.ca—where SavvyMoms share. (We’ve been testing it out in our home town all summer long, so thank you to all our early users who’ve made it even better.)

ShareSavvy.ca is a local guide built just for moms, a virtual Rolodex of all the best places and services in and around town. It’s a community where you can post your favourites, ask questions and look for reviews.

There are three ways to participate in ShareSavvy.ca. You can share your savvy (that practical know-how every mom has) by posting a review about what you like in your corner of the city and why. You can ask questions of other local moms on the ‘Help Needed’ section. And you can help by answering those questions posted by other moms. (Sharing is caring after all.)


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