Helmet Heads


Things we love about skiing with our kids:

  1. Watching their excitement when they master that next level (yes, we’ve accepted the fact that they’ll be better than us soon)
  2. Bright rosy cheeks
  3. Family hot chocolate time in the lodge, swapping stories about the runs we’ve been on all day
  4. Fresh air (and not a screen in sight)
  5. Sharing our old pre-kid skiing stories with them and discovering new runs together

Things we don’t love so much:

  1. Fighting about putting on helmets (and in Savvyland, we believe helmets should be worn for skiing, skating and even tobogganing)
  2. Carrying ALL the equipment (no, we’re not sherpas, and we don’t want to argue about who is going back to get little Jack’s skis)
  3. Repeat above (add meltdown)

However, our latest savvy discoveries are sure to help reduce the fight factor and make sure everyone is having more fun on the slopes.

Got some fast ones in your pack that love to ride/shred on the snow but don’t love to wear their mandatory safety equipment quite as much? They will when their helmet is decked out in a Tailwags helmet cover ($40). Handmade in Canada by Toronto mom entrepreneur Karyn Climans, who was inspired by a stint as a costume designer for her son’s school play, these fun fleece covers also provide warmth in the cold and easy identification on slopes (or rinks or toboggan hills). From cats to dogs, from lions to tigers, the requisite dino, and even a mouse, Tailwags makes lots of styles to suit any kids (and in case you’re jealous, they make adult sizes too).


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  1. Margaret Tjepkema on November 24, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    Do you make pussy cat covers for helmets

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