The Savviest of Holidays


Yes, of course everything on your list is done. You’re a savvy Calgary mom, after all. The gifts are wrapped, no doubt. Your party outfits are all selected (even the ones for Baby), the freezer is full of holiday sustenance and the tree is perfect (because you are watering it every night and you bought the expensive tree food so it’s sure to last). Your holiday decorating is a work of art—second only to the brilliant works that make it home from school this time of year and share prominence with your fine china and silver. The house is a veritable masterpiece of holiday goodness. Ahhh. You can relax now.

You have two weeks ahead with children 24/7. Whether they are school age or toddlers, your regular schedule is out the window and you need to make a plan. A quick check list and some inspiration from past SavvyMom articles will get you through, not to fear.

Look Out For Number One
You will need some recovery time from all your holiday efforts, so book it. You might want to call in the reinforcements. Let us remind you of a few massage and aesthetics services that will come to your house.

Read a Good Book
These are our latest picks from the bookshelves for you. We’ve got some for the kids and just in case you are lucky enough to find time for two books, here’s another quick list.


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