Hardware Holiday Helpers

If ever there was a season you could use a helping hand, this is the one.
We’ve found you a few new holiday helpers that can make this season safer, cheaper and easier for you and your family.


imageWhat’s up with clam shell plastic packaging anyway? The opening of which often results in broken teeth, nails and/or a quick trip to the therapist to recover from the emotional trauma of not being able to open it. Invented by Ebenezer Scrooge perhaps?

(Seriously—the US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated that attempts to open difficult-to-penetrate plastic packaging led to 223,260 injuries in 2004. Not such a slice.)

We’ve been waiting to tell you about the solution to this problem. The amazing and award-winning Open-X, is now available in Canada! First use the Open X’s retractable blade to pierce the packaging and make a small slit. Then you insert the second slide blade into the opening and push to open quickly and easily. It’s magic. And cuts just about anything else too, quickly and safely. Available at Home Hardware.

Shine a Little Light

imageLooking to shed some new light on your celebrations? Choose some LED lights from NOMA—they are much more family (and environmentally) friendly. We know they cost a little more, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Using 80–90% less energy than conventional lights, they last up to seven times longer—so you get savings on both fronts.


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