How Common Is Your (Child’s) Birthday?


As I was driving to our weekly editorial meeting this past Monday morning, I learned that that day’€™s date – September 16 – ”is the most common day for a birthday in North America. As soon as I arrived at the office, I discovered that not only was Minnow celebrating her birthday that day, but so was the son of Christine (SavvyStories Community Manager).

Upon further research, I learned that a high proportion of babies are born in September, with the top 10 birthdates falling in this first month of autumn (for those who are curious, the dates in order of most popular are: September 16, 9, 23, 17, 22, 24, 21, 15, 10, 18). Interestingly, the least common birthdates of the year are December 25 (shared with February 29’€”no surprise) and January 1. So if you celebrate on either of those days, I’€™d be curious to know’€”do you know of anyone who shares your special day?

My own birthday is January 4, which ranks 350 on the list, and my husband, also a January baby, celebrates on the 24, which is the 333 most popular date to turn another year older. However, I do know of two other people that celebrate that date, so I’€™m fascinated to see it so low on the list of common birthdays.

Now it’€™s your turn? Do you know someone with a birthday on September 16? Or how about one of the top 10 dates in September? Lastly, are you planning a birthday party for this month, and if so, tell us a bit about the celebration!

P.S. For those who are interested in seeing how common their (child’€™s) birthday is, this chart ranks every date in a calendar.


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