How to Make Mini Party Hats



Last week, my baby celebrated his first birthday. We had a simple party for him at home with our family and close friends, and served three different kinds of mac and cheese, kale Caesar salad and veggies sticks for dinner.

For dessert and decorations, I went with a loose farm animal theme. My boy loves animals of all kinds but has a farm animal book and play set he’s particularly fond of, so I thought it would be fitting for him. For dessert, I made fondant cupcake toppers in the shape of animal faces, and topped a banana birthday cake with plastic farm animal toys. Both were sweet and simple.

For the decorations, I hung a few red pendant banners over the dining table, which was covered in kraft paper so my nieces and nephews could colour on it. A bunch of helium-filled balloons completed the look, and while I was pleased with the set-up I have to admit that I felt something was missing.

Before I really knew what I was doing, I grabbed some leftover cupcake liners and starting making paper party hats for the plastic animals that come with aforementioned play set. A few folds and a small strip of tape yielded simple hats that sat perched on the farm animals’ head, and in an instant I had themed party decor using just a few items that we already had on hand.

I think this could be done with pretty much any kind of toy that your child might be into. Instead of buying disposable decorations, why not dress up the things you already own and add them to the decor? Our party animals were placed down the middle of the table so it looked as though they were on parade and the kids delighted in seeing them.

To make the party hats, simply grab some cupcake liners, flatten them in half, fold them in half again, and then again once more bringing the sides together to form party hat shape. Secure with tape and top with mini pom poms or small stars for extra embellishment, if you like.

How to Make Mini Party Hats




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