ICU at Coffee, Tea and IUDs


Have you been dying to know how the Coffee, Tea and IUDs chat went? I am still getting over the fact that I was actually sitting on a stage chatting about birth control choices on two separate occasions this past weekend at the BabyTime Show but it was actually a lot of fun and very informative. It was great to finally meet Billie Holiday from Virgin Radio and Dr. Sandy Andrighetti in person (we’d met over the phone in preparation for the event) and really good to see all our readers and other expecting and new parents at the event. I was there to represent moms everywhere and the questions they typically have about birth control choices after having a baby. Billie pointed out that just having a baby is a great form of birth control—but eventually we all get back to normal and it’s important to have a plan! There were lots of great questions from the audience about all the different choices out there, and Dr. Andrighetti recommended a very informative website called Sexuality and U, which is approved by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada, that I thought I would share with you. Thanks to Bayer Healthcare for inviting me to be part of the big event.



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