Identity Crisis


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Sure, everything in your house has a home, doesn’t it? OK, us neither, but in our efforts to try to keep up with the organizing Jones’, the SavvyMoms have developed a dependency on a little handheld electronic friend (not THAT kind!) that really helps—the personal labeling system.

Here’s the top ten reasons we’re in love with our labeler—and we’re sure you’ll come up with more.

10. File folders, video tapes, storage boxes—give them a label and save time down the road trying to find things when you’re looking for the Boys’ Clothes 6–12 Months, the car insurance policy or the footage of Jill’s first birthday.

9. Yack! Wrong jack! For rooms with multiple phone lines (like in your oh-so-glamorous small mom entrepreneur home office), label them with the right phone number to reduce communications errors

8. (If you can correctly answer this skill testing question right away, then ignore this tip.) Q: Which side of your car is your gas tank on?
If you’re not sure, we have a solution. A little label on your dash which says ‘Gas on Left’ (or ‘Right’ as the case may be) can help to avoid embarrassing gas station mommy moments.


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