Parental Control


Why was TV invented?

Easy. So moms can get the dinner ready and make a quick phone call without any screaming in the background or small bodies attached to their legs.

And to make moms feel better about this reality, the people at Treehouse work hard to design programming around shows that deliver a balance of education, social values and entertainment. That’s why Treehouse is the #1 station for preschoolers in Canada.

Now Treehouse has developed a new way for moms to let their kids watch their favourite shows when it is convenient for them (the mom, that is). Sometimes you just need Max & Ruby when you need them. A new web site called allows you to download and own your kids’ favourite episodes from television shows such as Rolie Polie Olie, Franklin the Turtle, Little Bear and more. All you need is a high speed internet connection to your computer so you can download and save onto your hard drive! Most redeeming features? No ads and you own it (it’s cheaper than buying a CD). Think: pay once, enjoy forever!

With, you can choose the shows you want your kids to watch, when you want them to watch. Parenting is all about control, so don’t lose it!

And it’s even more amazing if you have an Intel® Viiv™ entertainment PC. You can get comfy on the couch and watch your downloaded show right on your TV! That’s because Intel® Viiv™ technology connects the PC to TV. You can surf the Internet, watch your favourite Treehouse show, DVDs, record TV shows, view photos, play games, and more – all on the big screen.

Bring a big world of entertainment to your living room. Find out more at


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