Pucker Up


Shake. Open. Gulp. Love.

These are the instructions for use when drinking the greatest lemonade ever made-and they are pretty easy to follow.

It’s called pucker up and it’s made right here in Canada. Run by husband and wife duo Derek Porritt and Alanna Nathanson, pucker up was started by a guy in an apron catering (that’s Derek’s former biz). Derek always served his grandmother’s family lemonade recipe at events and received such positive response that he just knew he had to share it (being the nice guy that he is).

So pucker up all natural lemonade, made with real lemons was bottled and made available to the rest of us regular folk.

What’s so great about pucker up (other than the totally tart-but-sweet taste of real lemons)? It’s guilt free. Just 90 cals per 473ml bottle, it’s made with whole fresh lemons and it’s all natural with no additives or preservatives. And with 190% of your daily recommended vitamin C intake, how can a mom say no?

Kids will love this all year long—perfect for tea parties, birthday parties or play dates. Mix into a smoothie for some added flavour or drink straight from the bottle. You can drink it hot too—just warm a mug of pucker up in the microwave for 2 minutes on high, stir in a teaspoon of honey and a couple thin slices of fresh ginger. Wrap your hands around the mug, sip and enjoy!

Finally, a guilt free treat that moms can feel good about. (And did we mention it is the perfect mix with other clear liquids for the older lemonade loving set?)

So pucker up. You’re going to love it.

Available in grocery stores near you.


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