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Just 26 Things to Make You Smile Right Now

Things to make you smile

Canada-wide manhunts. Mass shootings. American politics. These days, we can hardly be faulted for believing there’s no good news anywhere. Aside from our families and our health (and maybe the odd side of fries), is there really all that much to be happy about and thankful for?

And if there is, how far and wide do I have to search for it?

Turns out not that far, and not that wide. To prove it, I challenged myself to spend ten minutes listing as many things as I could think of to be happy and grateful for right now.

Here’s what I came up with:

1. Conservation efforts for species like the Fin Whale, the Mountain Gorilla, tigers and pandas are paying off, leading many to be upgraded from “the red list”.

2. The “Jane Goodall of giraffes” is finally getting her moment with a new documentary titled, appropriately, The Woman Who Loves Giraffes.

3. Vulva-positivity. It’s a thing and it’s here to prove that vulvas come in all shapes, colours and sizes, and that advertising, media and pop culture don’t get to tell us what our bodies should look like.

4. Instagram accounts like @celestebarber, @mynameisjessamyn and @amyschumer reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously.

5. Abortion is still legal in Canada.

6. Rosé.

7. Knock off Nespresso pods. Find them here or at Metro and Loblaws.

8. People who are legit passing off peacocks, hamsters and ducks as emotional support animals. I see you. Keep fighting the good fight.

9. Glamping. It’s like camping but without the ground, charred weiners and communal showers that smell like diapers.

10. True-crime podcasts.

11. New non-fiction books soon-to-be-released from spiritual thought-leader Gabrielle Bernstein (due out in September), women’s health advocate Jen Gunter, and pop-culture journalist Jia Tolentino.

12. Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

13. Kodi Lee. Ditto.

14. Battle of the Blades is coming back to television!

15. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are both single. Gagley? Braga? Cooga?

16. “Toy Story 4”, “The Lion King”, “Aladdin” and “The Secret Life of Pets 2” are all currently playing in air-conditioned theatres and THERE AREN’T ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY.

17. Shark fins have been banned in Canada and single-use plastics are next!

18. Lululemon “we made too much” sale website featuring discounted gear for cheapskates like me who refuse to pay $118 for a pair of tights.

19. Saoirse Ronan in the remake of “Little Women” coming to theatres this Christmas.

20. The one-year anniversary of the Thai cave rescue, when the entire world believed in miracles, if only temporarily.

21. British Columbia will start providing free sanitary products to all public school students by the end of 2019.

22. Ontario and Saskatchewan have finally enacted paid leave for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

23. Little free libraries are still a thing.

24. Dog rescue and rehome organization Save Our Scruff remains committed to providing care and rehabilitation for stray, abandoned or displaced dogs.

25. This kid, who saved his allowance to pay the lunch tab for his fellow third-graders.

26. And this woman who gave her stepdad a framed collection of all the inspirational notes he’d written to her while she was in middle school.

See? The world isn’t such a bad place. And that only took me ten minutes. Imagine what we could do with an hour.


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