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Hey, mom, can I borrow the car?

If you’re like us, you dread the day those words are uttered. Enjoy this stage of denial and laugh about it with a new line of t-shirts for kids by Babytease. We know there are a lot of great t-shirts out there for kids (and adults) but we think this one deserves an honourable mention.

Developed by two savvy entrepreneurs, Neena Rahemtulla and Anne Jackson (mom to 3 year old Samara), the Babytease line consists of high quality and very comfy cotton clothing for babies and toddlers in a range of pastel and primary colours. But the ‘what we like’? Each item sports a clever and witty slogan that is sure to bring a smile to the face of everyone who sees it.

From the crowd favourite, iPood, to the slightly more thought-provoking but equally amusing I Do All My Own Stunts and Give Peas a Chance, you’ll be sure to find one that makes you smile too.

Having recently moved into cyberspace from their one retail location in Vancouver’s Oakridge Mall, now SavvyMoms and savvy gift-givers everywhere can order online and have Babytease sent right to their door.

Gifts come beautifully packaged in a keepsake box too—you can choose from the Lucky Baby Gift Box ($50) or the Mini Box ($40), each full of some of the most popular Babytease items, or you can customize your gift order with any of the items from the line (even adding one of the popular sibling t’s to the gift) and all for less than the price of a bouquet of flowers delivered—which, btw, the new parents won’t have time to be able to enjoy anyway.

Enjoy the humour in it all when you smell something fishy (or worse). You’ll have to blame the dog since the baby will be claiming “I don’t smell anything” and your toddler is adamant that it “wasn’t me”.

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