Living the Dream


Once upon a time there was a mommy who made little leather booties for her son. She sold some to her friends, who sold more to their friends until all the little babies in the kingdom wore the same booties.
Then one day a big company came along and bought that bootie biz for millions of dollars. The baby and his mommy lived happily ever after and since that day, moms across Canada have been inspired to turn their own ideas into successful businesses too. Sometimes, though, the other moms need a little help in making those dreams become a reality.

Enter (thankfully) the Mompreneur Networking Group Inc. It was established by Kathryn Bechthold to provide information, education and inspiration to moms who either wanted to start a business or to develop theirs further. Like many moms, Kathryn decided that a regular 9 to 5 job would no longer work for her or her family, but that going without that second income was not an option either!

Realizing that a support network is key to entrepreneurial success and finding very few free or online resources available, Kathryn set out to develop The Mompreneur Networking Group Inc. Based in Calgary, the group offers networking opportunities, various seminars and publishes a print magazine titled The Mompreneur.

But the best of all for those of us online (and not in Calgary) moms, you can get a free subscription to the online version of the magazine delivered right to your inbox for free! In every issue, you will find profiles of three Mompreneur businesses and their inspirational stories, legal and financial advice for new businesses, details about upcoming online classes, Mompreneur stories, advices, tip, hints and so much more.

Family, Ambition, Inspiration and Balance—the masthead of the magazine promises to be a resource for these four important things and we know it delivers all that and more.

So subscribe now for your free online copy of the Mompreneur Magazine and you’re one step closer to living the dream.


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