Birthday Suit(able)


Another great thing about being a parent? Birthday parties. Yet another opportunity to blow that budget out of the water.
For the first time we will address this essential topic (we know we have been remiss—call it a case of analysis paralysis). So we’ll focus on a few party themes, services and ideas we’re keen on that fit a range of budgets and tastes for now.


  • Cookery Doo is another savvy fave for your budding Nigella and Jamie. For $285 they’ll provide the recipe, ingredients, supplies, hats, paper goods, drinks and loot bags for 10 kids. BYO cake.
  • Sportball is a classic we love. Why? Because some kids just can’t stand still. Go to their own venues or arrange for an intructor to come to you. Prices range from $165 to $245 depending on whether you need one coach or two (varies with age of kids and level of parent participation). You can have up to 20 kids, maybe more.
  • If You Don’t Care about Your Carpets (or You Have the Space)

    Be brave and have the party at home. Wanda’s Creative Clay will bring non-toxic, non-messy clay that cooks right in your home oven (about $150 for 10 kids). Whimz, the live animal birthday party, will bring eight different animals of your choice for $185. (Kids love this—even the rats!)

    If you want to stay on budget this year, try some of these savvy tried and tested back-to-basic ideas:

    • Host a scavenger hunt in a nearby park and serve up a simple picnic after (chip ’em and cake ’em, that’s all they really want anyway)
    • Play soccer or road hockey before coming in for cake and ice cream.
    • Ask an older neighbourhood kid or babysitter to face paint. Decorate cupcakes or make your own party hat.
    • Dress your beloved up as a superhero (or fave cartoon character) and play freeze dance. (Keep the costume for later.)
    • Ask a babysitter to dress up as a princess (you can rent the outfit from a local costume shop for less than ordering a stranger in a pink dress) and paint the kids’ fingernails. Drink (iced) tea and eat party sandwiches.

    There is so much more (we haven’t even come to the cake, and you know we want to have it and eat it too)—stay tuned for the next Savvy birthday edition this summer.

    Oh, and keep the loot bag candy to a bare minimum if you want the parents to talk to you ever again.

    P.S. We’re sure you have a savvy birthday bash idea. Let’s hear it.


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